Fullstack Engineer - ClojureScript @Multis

Paris, Île-de-France, France


About Multis

Multis is the Cryptobank for companies. We're building a neobank-like interface to enable companies to access, manage and use crypto. We're a small team of happy and passionate crypto enthusiasts:

We've been live since April.

We're eFounders' moonshot.

We're doing YC.

We want to be the companies' gateway to the crypto-economy by:

We know it's still early days for crypto, but when the world is ready for it, we will be too. πŸ’ƒ

Engineering at Multis

Most people would call Multis "just an interface" but you'd probably call it a server-less, backend-less, password-less, real-time fullstack ClojureScript static decentralized web application. It's not about ticking boxes though β€” we chose these technologies and architecture to cater for our very specific domain: the blockchain. As for our engineering principles, we only have one: simplicity.

How does it sound to you? 😏





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