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You want to launch your startup?

You need a cofounder?

You believe bigger is better?

Make it happen, with us:

We partner up the best entrepreneurs to build world-class products and game-changing businesses. Our founders have built 15 startups with $175M in funding, 500 employees, and offices in Paris, San Francisco, New York, and Berlin. And we are looking for founders to join us and launch the next big thing.


As a founder, you'll be launching YOUR company. We work with talented founders of all backgrounds and all levels of experience.

What you'll bring to the table:

  • Ambition to bring a new product on the market and turn it into a cutting-edge, fast-growing company.
  • Vision and the ability to communicate it to future team members, investors, and anyone you meet.
  • Product sense to deliver first-in-class experiences through cutting-edge software solutions.
  • Industry or technical expertise and the desire to reinvent your entire sector through technology.

What we bring to the table:

  • Resources. Idea, co-founder, team: we kickstart your company by bringing everything you need.
  • Unfair advantages. We increase your chance of success with extensive experience and a vast network.
  • Freedom. We let you dream bigger with funding and expertise to go further, faster.


Joining eFounders is a unique opportunity to launch your startup in an environment dedicated to founders. To find out more, hear from previous founders who joined us to launch their company:

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