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Paris, France · Sales


At Upflow we're on a mission to help businesses getting paid faster and easier in Europe.

After releasing our MVP late January and onboarding our first companies, we're looking at someone to help us scale fast, spreading the word and helping more businesses everyday. Customer acquisition and growth!

If you're looking for an early stage fintech in a promising environment, and have a prior experience in B2B SaaS sales, come and talk to us!

What's Upflow?

In Europe, 30% of businesses are going bankrupt because of late payments by Customers. We believe that's because they don't have the right tools, and still have too many manual actions to perform.

We're on a mission to help them manage their payments easier and faster with the following value proposition:

Long term, we're building a new Stripe for B2B Businesses. We have a zillion ideas on how to expand our offering for SMEs using our platform, additional features and services, such as factoring, financing... Long is the road πŸš€

Where will I be landing?

Upflow is one of the startups from the new eF18 batch. We are launching in this thriving and challenging environment with unfair advantages, in the middle of other successful startups.;%20filename=%22eF%20team%20pic%20roof.jpg%22

You will be joining a core team of 4 at Upflow, with the whole eFounder family backing us and reporting to Alex, CEO.


What's my mission? πŸ’ͺ πŸš€

We're currently moving Upflow from zero to one : growth and uncertainty are part of our life! Your focus and mission is on sales, we need you to help us scaling our growth, by setting up and executing the right acquisition strategy.

You have a prior meaningful experience in Growth in SaaS, ideally for B2B customers, and you are ready to build our acquisition strategy from the ground up. That includes:

Remember, we're early stage with a significant growth ahead meaning you will have the opportunity to grow with the company and shape its future. It's up to you!


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