Full Stack Developer (Javascript) @ Station 🛰

Paris, Île-de-France, France


tldr; Station is building the operating system for SaaS, basically we are not only building a web browser, but more than that. We are #1 product of 2017 on Product Hunt. We are a team of 6 based in Paris, all moving to San Francisco for 3 months for the YCombinator program. Station is an atypical project from a technical perspective, you might love it if you like the challenge. We are looking for a our first Product Designer to join the team.

Has anyone ever offered you to build a better web browser? That’s what we do at Station.

The story behind Station

The idea of Station started with the frustrations we all face using the #1 work application: the web browser. The 50+ tabs mixing up in a cluttered interface and the interminable search for a piece of information among 20+ SaaS applications were the triggers for Station. Our work deserves better!

We started from a blank page and, brick after brick, we’ve built Station: a working environment directly inspired by today’s new ways of working.

You can read more about the motivations behind Station here. And if you aren’t already a user of Station, you can get your own idea about Station on https://getstation.com: we are craving for feedbacks.

We've built a rock.solid team for that. Today, we are 6:

Our users are delighted:

That’s very rewarding from a builder point-of-view!

Our mission, your next mission

We envision Station as an operating system for SaaS applications. It means that we want to push the interface experience further for our users, integrate perfectly with every SaaS application, open the platform to developers, help companies manage their stack of SaaS applications, etc.

Our goal is to put Station in the hands of the 10+ million working people around the world!

We are based in Paris, but starting January, we are temporarily moving the whole team to San Francisco for 3 months for the YCombinator program. Close to our eco-system of users, partners and advisors, we’ll build the kick-ass product of our dreams, the kind users will love!

The engineering challenges for the next few months include:

From a technical point of view, Station is a very atypical and challenging product. The most tricky part is Electron that we are pushing to its limits. We are regularly throwing Electron Meetups in Paris to stay in touch with the community. We also work with ReactJS, Redux and a classic NodeJs stack. We are eager to try new technologies that can accelerate our workflow.




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